Appearance: Black/grayish hair tidily well placed behind her ears, with only a few bits of hair covering the side of her left eye. With a slim figure and normal sized body for her age of twenty-one, she easily slips into the shadows whenever she feels like. She wears a dark mask across her face, covering most of it and hindering others from seeing her true facial appearance. Her light-blue eyes vary from a look of seriousness to a more rarely playful insight. Her voice is mainly calm and is also rather serious at some times. (Though there are times she loosens up a bit) She is commonly hostile to those she doesn't know and she has a stubborn attitude sometimes. Rarely will she ask for any kind of help at all.

Everyday life: Staying at most times hidden & out of sight, she is well to mind her own business at times and usually keeps to herself. At a few occasions she is well curious and likes to spy about, mostly to learn more things or to just sate her curiosity. Her knowledge about Kalimdor is rather limited, and she has no real knowing of this part of the world, and only a slight more knowing of the Eastern Kingdoms. Also, being a bit more of the sober kind, she avoids drinking anything alcoholic and sates her thirst with either water or thistle tea (which helps calming her down more efficiently) Keeping mostly to herself, she avoids a crowd whenever she can, holding herself at a ok distance from others. She doesn’t talk much, and only answers if she is questioned or approached. She often sleeps outside in the forest (Elwynn Forest, her home), and if not in the forest, in one of her several hideouts, staying well hidden whenever she can. Not much for luxury, but she doesn't complain.

With a past as an outlaw (or assassin) of a former Elwynn forest gang, she is highly skilled in using blades or rather her favorite weapon; daggers. Though many would think she follows the darkness/shadows, Tiranda does not believe in the darkness/shadows directly, nor does she believe in the light at all. Instead she follows her own path, trusting her instincts in her daily life. Though not easily shown, sorrows of her rather hidden past still haunt her every second of her life.

Duty: She only serves her own ways and doesn't like being ordered about, but if she is given an order she will most probably do it if it feels fitting enough. No matter how much she hates it, she will follow the orders of those she has sworn to serve. Her promises are usually final and she will do her best not to break them. She nearly never breaks her promises. If one would expect Tiranda to act disiplined such as in an army, they will be mighty disappointed.

Rumours: Her past is rather clouded for many and she rarely speaks of it to just anyone. Rumors say she once was a member of a great Elwynn gang known as 'the Nightblades'. She doesn't mention this particular past either, atleast not to those she doesn't trust. Whenever her past is mentioned, her face saddens dramaticly, though usually hidden behind her mask. Thereby few have actually seen her true face at all, maybe even none at all.

There is also a lesser rumour that she has recently adopted a cat, despice that people hear she hates company. The story around this is that the cat seemed to always follow her around when she entered Goldshire, even when she was hidden. A rather annoying feat which the stealthed kind would not appreciate too much. Though a cold killer, Tiranda could not kill a helpless animal, which comes to the rumour that she is very fond of nature & animals, though not easily noticeable nor is it confirmed.

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