Appearance: At first glance Kryptman looks like he could be well over a decade older than he actually is. While he carries himself like a young man, swiftly and precisely, the scars that line his cheeks and the frown that seems to never leave his face age him. Those few that have seen him remove his armor after battle, know the scars to cover most, if not all, of his body. Many scars seem to be from wounds not caused by blades, but by claws and teeth. There is also a large tattoo of a skull with a capital "I" as a background on his chest, a tattoo that Kryptman tries to conceal whenever possible.

Everyday life: What Kryptman lacks in social life, he more than makes up in his devotion to perfecting his skills. Most mornings he can be found to practice swordsmanship and other melee fighting techniques. For a warrior Kryptman is surprisingly well read, and spends a lot of his time studying texts in the library.

Towards others Kryptman tends to act formally, rarely letting his emotions be evident. This does not exclude him from showing his appreciation of the other knights, when he deems them worthy of praise. The only knights with whom Kryptman seems to have a more personal relationship, are Alfos De Lerac and Dalian Benedict, knights that Kryptman might even call friends.

Duty: Kryptman has an extremely strong sense of duty, and is willing to go to any lengths to assure that what he feels is his duty gets done.

Rumours: Some of the knights say that there is some kind of special relationship between Kryptman and the Scarlet Crusade. No details are known, but some of the knights believe Kryptman to have held a high rank in the crusade. Kryptman's contact with crusaders during the Winterspear incident gave new life to the rumours.

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