Kate Mollrye

Sister Mollrye, despite her young age, is by many considered to be the de facto Master of the Knights, her influence surpassing that of either Aeiira or Kryptman.

Jakob Kryptman

A recent addition to the Knights, Kryptman rose to the rank of Master in the mysterious circumstances surrounding Master Dalian Benedict's death. More ...

High Guardian

Lady Yamikalo

Little is known about High Guardian Yamikalo at the moment.

Alfos De Lerac

Considered to be the spiritual leader of the Knights, Alfos is a holy warrior in the true meaning of the word. He despises evil and has fought against it all his life. It is obvious that life has cruel to him but he always has hope, always trusts the light. More ...



Knight Alaran is known to be a fierce fighter, always waging war in some distant battleground. While this has earned him honor in the eyes of the Alliance, many of the knights have begun to miss their trusted comrade.


Bryza joined the Kights to repay her debt of honor, after a detachment of knights, lead by Captain Dalian, saved her from orcs in the Badlands. She has quickly found herself at home with the other young Ladies of Lordaeron.


Tiranda acts as one of the forward scouts for the Knights, doing vital reconnaissance before the main battlegroup reaches it's objectives. More ...


As a druid, Scuro acts as the Knight's tie to the nature. A shapeshifter, Scuro is often seen in his feline form, a form many believe to be his true.


Dominique's duty is not as much to the Order, but to the individual knights as her friends. While a loyal and trustworthy friend, Dominique is still surrounded by mystery. More ...


Halera is a sworn Devote of Elune. She lives to serve her temple, to heal the injured, fix the broken and act as support to those who fight the troubles of the world. More ...


The past, present, and future of Quietus are lost in the mist of lies, deception and deliberate erasing of the Knights chronicles.


Despite the cruelties of her childhood, Iselinn has grown to become both a lady, and a powerful mage. A Lady of Lordaeron, Iselinn has secured her place among the Knights.


Born and raised in Elwynn, Holly enjoys roaming around her childhood forests and hills. The guiding line in her life is the path of Light. Joining the Knights gave Holly the opportunity to serve Light in the defense of justice. More ...

About the Knights

Knights of Lordaeron is a World of Warcraft guild on the Venture Co. realm. KoL is first and foremost a roleplaying guild. More ...

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