Holly Zeal

Appearance: The long blonde, almost white hair is neatly tied back with a band leaving few disobedient tresses around the young paladins face. Pale skin tone amplifies the white contrast of her hair, along with freckles on her nose and lips curving into smile, sometimes she looks a bit younger than her actual age. On the other hand, her slender figure along with upright posture gives the young paladin credibility about her assurance and her calm azure eyes indicate her ersonality.

Everyday life: Born and raised in Elwynn, Holly enjoys roaming around her childhood forests and hills. If she is not on duty she likes to patrol the Elwynn and walk the places she used to go as a child. In spite of the fact (or maybe because of it) that she has seen more than enough the life in disrepute Goldshire, Holly abstains from drinking and unruly lifestyle. Her code of life considers many virtues from bravery to helping others as she tries to achieve the understanding of the Light.

Duty: The guiding line in Hollys life is the path of Light. That way her most important duty is to do what she considers is a right thing. With the Knights of Lordaeron Holly feels she achieved a possibility work with those who defend justice, but today she respects them as the best of allies, friends, even a family. For her own part she tries to be there whenever she is needed, be it battle or just helping a friend.

Nowadays Holly doesn't consider horde to be an organized enemy more than what some of the Alliance have proven to be. She refuses to attack horde for the only reason to kill them. What comes to the Lich King and its allies, Holly will show no mercy, as it's not given either.

Rumours: Common folk in Elwynn used to know father Zeal, a fierce priest who was to raise his two children without their mother. Priest Zeal passed away as a young man and the children were most likely taken into custody with only one thing as a memory of their father: The surname given by him, ‘Zeal’. These two kids, Abraham and Holly, grew to become complete opposites of each other though they were inseparable. One day because of a series of sad happenings Abraham left and disappeared. As this had a major impact on Hollys life, she promised she’d find his brother one day wherever he was.

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