Appearance: As with all elves, Halera appears quite youthful, at least that is how many humans would look upon her, her fragile frame and delicate features do hold to the fact that perhaps she has indeed lived too long. She does hold herself high with the ponse and grace of an elf her age. Her hair is well kept, tightly pulled back into a single functional pony tail. You get the impression that her hair may have been darker at some point, through time it seems the colour has lightened, perhaps eventually it shall take on a whiter hue as with most priests of the temples. Her eyes are the silvery glow of moon light. Painted about them you will note Kaldorei markings, the kind gifted to sentinels and such, 3 stripes below each eye. A number of elves who have travelled the world may also note, she does have the characteristics of an elf native to Winterspring. Many fail to note or at least fail to comment through politeness at the marks weaving their way from Haleras left temple, an almost speckled, mottled mark. A form of burn, that does weave its way down her left side as if Halera at some point in her life were struck by a very hot flame, perhaps even a magical flame. This mark no less works its way the length of her body, though few have ever seen it. After all she is not the kind of elf to be displaying such marks. Halera in many respects is the kind of Elven woman you would expect to find greet you within the temple of the moon. Delicate, Calming to look upon and a voice which appears to sooth the soul.

Everyday life: Haleras routine has been altering swiftly of late, it was that of basic Priesthood, reserved to prayer and healing dutys within the city of stormwind, where she had chosen to serve and act as a representative of the Temple. However this routine has become decreasingly less followed by the Priestess. Given the recent troubles she has experienced, it is all too predictable. Halera has opted now for praying at smaller shrines, She has even changed home moving from the city of Stormwind itself, to the forest just beyond. she visits Ironforge often where she had not due to a dislike for the closed in city. Halera is however mindful of her commitments to the temple of the moon and is often seen speaking with followers of the deity, her life in short never does appear to stop moving, there is always something, there is always someone in need, a new threat to be assessed, a friend to be rescued or a villan to be out run.

Duty: s you may have already assumed Halera is a sworn Devote of Elune, despite her current failings to the priestess. She is still quite the follower of the Deity and will uphold the teachings of Elune and of course the Temple of the moon. In Haleras eyes she will live forever more to serve her temple, to heal the injured, fix the broken and act as support to those who fight the troubles of the world. She long ago realised she would not be the fighter and thus will always be rallieing support to her cause. It is often the case that Halera cannot leave a creature to die knowingly. Evil, Horde or Other. She rarely strikes to kill any foe. After all her Duty in life, throughout the ages has been to heal, the day Halera kills something will be a dark day indeed.

Rumours: he common rumour currently is that the Priestess is without a large measure of her divine power, though often in dire situations it has been seen, Halera it appears cannot frivolously throw about her holy magics as she once did. This of course leaving Halera more than vulnerable. There is rumour within the temple of Elune, hushed and barely whispered in these days that Halera once were a priestess of shadow for a brief time, though those who hear this can scarecly believe such gossip, Halera is known for her healing skills as well an interest in the mundane human 'Surgery' Around the temple of Elune you can often find Haleras name mentioned, as Prophet. Many regard her as such, on futher questioning its simple to find out that the Priestess has an aptitude for seeing visions, as well as quite a personal interest in astrology itself.

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