Appearance: Dominique has long black hair, that is almost always tied up. It looks slightly messy from fighting, and she keeps tugging loose strands away behind her ear. She is tall and curvy, not fat, but not skinny either. Her posture changes with her mood, but is normally noble and proud. She has dark red eyes, that show all her emotions always. Though in certain situations, they can seem completely empty and dead, as if nothing mattered anymore. Dom usually wears dark clothes, though likes to look her best for parties and such. She changes it a lot, often several times a day, to always look different, so noone can really recognize her unless they know her.

Everyday life: Dominique likes to spend time arround people she knows, no matter which way it is. It pleases her to see her friends and be by their side. She often goes to explore unknown land and hidden coves, and so can be gone for days and even weeks. She does not like to be alone though, at any time, but neither does she like to be in crowded places. You will almost never find her sleeping indoors. The comfort of a bed is nice, but is not safe enough. Under a tree or in a cave is her favorite places to stay. Dom gets worried... often. She cares deeply for everyone she knows, and likes to check up on them. She can sense when something is not right, at least when they are close, and she can read people easily to see if anything is bothering them. She is very poligh though and mostly think that it might be none of her business. Still, she is always there if people need her.

Duty: Duty to her is not to her country or a king. She respects all the rulers and all the races, and will do what they ask, as long as it does not involve anything concerning her friends. Her duty above all is to keep her friends safe. If anything happens to them she feels that she has failed them, and she does not like to keep anything from them. She does whatever she can to insure that everyone are happy arround her.

Rumours: As you never see her drink, neither alcohol nor anything else, and only look longingly at the dilicious food she makes.. You might have the feeling that she is not.... quite normal. Already pale, she turns almost white at times and runs off to some errind, returning with flushed cheeks and a smile on her lips. She seems good at hiding this to others, but not as much to the knights. It almost seems like she wishes you to find out..

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