Appearance: Grey hair, always well combed and a short grey beard cover this Paladin's face. Standing about 192cm tall, his body is well build and though age has clearly taken it's toll, he seems to be in a good form. His torso is quite big, making him a figure to be respected. The confident way he talks, moves and walks show clearly a well bread man, making his nobility obvious. His voice is deep and calm, shoothing and comforting but also firm and loud when giving orders or confronting enemies.

Everyday life: Usually calm and open, Alfos is a friendly and, at least simingly, trustworthy individual. He likes a good laugh as much as the next guy but his age or his past experiences have made him a bit serious, perhaps even dull in the eyes of more energetic and younger Knights. He avoids alcohol and when he does drink it is obvious that something troubles him, some old wound aching him. In fact, from time to time, he will show a more lonely face, cutting off from the others and reside to some corner starring at the void, sometimes talking to himself or sighing.

In general, Alfos could well be a priest. His faith in Light (or Allagon as he sometimes calls it) is obviously a force that drives him through life and always did. And it would seem, for those who believe in such things, that Light has returned that loyalty. The way the Paladin walks, the way he speaks, the way he always finds a reason to smile, show that Alfos is a man at Peace with the world. To some he might seem as a graphic character, maybe even a bit mad, to others a saint. Whatever it is, the man seems to enjoy life and sees hope and Light even in the darkest of hours.

Duty: His friendly and sometimes even paternal attitude towards the others vanishes when in duty. He takes his role as an officer of the Knights very seriously. Duty comes first and duty is best served through ranks. Orders are given and they are to be followed. His voice changes to firm and a bit harsh and no is not an answer he will accept. He will never leave his comrades' side and he expects the same from others.

Rumours: It can be a mystery to most people, the way he talks about his homeland. Avoiding to answer a direct question about it, he nevertheless talks about it with obvious love in his voice, as if it were a paradise on earth. When he is forced to talk about it, he will just mention that it is far away, not easily reachable, but no more. This may have given ground to a lot of speculation to grow among the order and the few people that know the truth are those he sees as close friends and will not reveal anything about it. Other than that, a mystery also hungs over his past lovelife, as he claims that his heart was always set on one woman alone. At least until now.

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