Basic facts about the guild

Guild Aims: To honour the founding principles of the Alliance: unity and wisdom breed strength. One does not have to be a human from Lordaeron to be a Knight of Lordaeron; all that matters is that one follows the founding guidelines of Sir Anduin Lothar, and try to improve tolerance, understanding and co-operation between the Alliance Races, and uphold the memory of the Alliance's birthplace - the fallen kingdom of Lordaeron.

Guild Leaders: Kryptman, Mollrye

Guild Officers: Alfos, Shizana, Yamikalo

Faction: Alliance

Race/Class: Any/Any

Server: Venture Co. (EU)

Type of Guild: RP/PVP/PVE

Guild Ranks:
Man at Arms - New Recruit
Guardsman - Junior Member
Squire - Member
Knight - Veteran Member
Champion - It is a by-monthly rank
High Guardian - Guild Officer
Master - Guild Master

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