The Diva

November 15, 2006

Iselinn is a lady of many talents. Not only does she wield the powers of the Arcane, she has the most beautiful voice as well.

Holding out for a hero.

The Ballad of Alfos and Aeiira.

The fall of a God

November 2, 2006

After weeks of fighting The Soulflayer lies dead beneath the steel clad feet of the Knights. Aided by their mercenary allies, Essence of the Blade, the Knights of Lordaeron have vanquished their greatest foe to date.

Yet evil still lurks in the jungles of Stranglethorn, and the Knights remain as vigilant as ever in their attempt to secure the lands south of Stormwind.

The War against Hakkar

October 6, 2006

United, not only in name but in spirit the Knights have fought fiercely against the minions of the Blood God. Over two nights of fighting several trolls closest to Hakkar fell to the steel and fire of the Knights.

These include High Priest Venoxis, High Priest Jeklik and the dreaded Bloodlord Mandokir himself. These losses have already made the Blood God significantly weaker, while the Knights have gained much from their experiences. The war is yet to be won, however, and the Knights of Lordaeron will not rest until Hakkar himself lays slain beneath their feet.

In memory of those who fell

September 27, 2006

The time has come for those that stand under the banner of the Knights of Lordaeron to once again stir old memories, and reflect on their roots. A time to stand proudly on land that was dearly fought over and shout the names of those that fell on the way.

To honour those that took the long march before them, the Knights will conduct a memorial march to the statue of Anduin Lothar in the Burning Steppes, the very place in which Anduin Lothar fell in defiance of the Orcs of Blackrock Spire during the Second War. More ...

Defense of Redridge

September 22, 2006

It has come to our knowledge that the Horde warband known as the Shatterskull Marauders has begun staging an assault against key Alliance positions in the regions south of Redridge Mountains.

Nothing can be confirmed yet, but every Knight is urged to prepare for the oncoming battle. To protect our sources we can not trust this information to even the closes of our allies.

Because of this we must prepare the defense alone, and face the Marauders with only our battlegroup to count on. Prepare yourselves, knights! The day of battle will dawn soon.

Reinforcement of our ranks

September 12, 2006

The Knights of Lordaeron seek to strengthen their organisation, and are calling for able individuals of the Alliance to gather under their banner.

The Knights are especially seeking men and women that wield the Light, and can tend to our wounded. Masters of the Arcane are also sought after. We seek experienced soldiers, preferably of sixty Azerothian seasons.

While the Knights of Lordaeron may express certain wishes as to the class and experience of potential recruits, we do not place any restrictions, and consider all applications.

Send us your application through the forums, or contact any of our officers. More ...

Divided ranks

August 31, 2006

Former unity has been lost,and the Knights face battle on two fronts.

On one hand there is battle to be done against the trolls of the ancient city, Zul'Gurub. This expedition, lead by Purgatoire, faces terrible dangers, without the possibility of reinforcements.

For the rest of the Knights are tied up in the ongoing battle against the minions of the Firelord, Ragnaros. The Theramore Compact is about to strike once more, deep into the Molten Core.

Only time will tell if this division leads to victories on both fronts, or miserable defeats in the hands of the Knights' enememies.

Farewell of the Captain

August 23, 2006

Due to personal desire for raiding, I [Captain Dalian] hereby resign from the Theramore Compact, and all activities contained therein. Reasons cited are personal ones, and as such do not represent the Knights of Lordaeron, who are commanded superbly by Mollrye and Alfos.

I possess what some might call an addictive personality, and as such I get fixated upon a certain objective, and will not loose sight of it. Regrettably, I feel these objectives are unattainable in my current position.

Facing this realisation, I will not burden the Theramore Compact with my personal desires, but instead remove myself from this [...] community, and seek the raiding career I'm aspiring to elsewhere.

The war against the Qiraji

August 16, 2006

As part of the Alliance forces, the Knights struck a blow against the Qiraji forces in Silithus. After a fierce battle the dreaded Sand Reaver, Kurinaxx, was downed. Unfortunately the battlegroup had to retreat before the Qiraji reinforcements, commanded by General Rajaxx himself.

However, this is not the end of the war against the Qiraji, for much work remains to be done before the Qiraji are driven out of Silithus.

The hunt for Ishsah Winterspear

August 14, 2006

Dark clouds loom over the Knights. Captain Dalian is presumed dead, many of the knights missing, wounded, their will shattered. The daemon Ishsah Winterspear is still at large, free to cause yet more pain and suffering.

In an attempt to rally what remains of the Knights of Lordaeron, and to avenge the treachery of Ishsah Winterspear, High Guardian Alfos de Lerac roams the Eastern Kingdoms, gathering allies and calling in old favors.

The time has come for the Knights to stand united once again, or fall one by one to the might of the Herald of the Legion. More ...

The Knights assault Molten Core

August 7, 2006

For the first time Knights of Lordaeron assaulted Molten Core as a part of the Theramore Compact.

In only a few days of fierce battle in the depths of Blackrock Mountain, the strike force, consisting of brave souls from all the Compact guilds, managed to fight it's way to the Firelord Ragnaros himself. Unfortunately, despite the heroic efforts on behalf of the Knights, losses were too severe and the battlegroup was forced to retreat.

Captain Dalian not dead?

August 4, 2006

Despite numerous people visiting the Stormwind Cathedral to mourn the death of Lord Dalian, rumours that he might be alive are persistent throughout the Eastern Kingdoms. Rumour tells that the paladin Elkan and Tiranda, an individual of a more shady reputation are somehow involved...

A Lord of Lordaeron has fallen

August 3, 2006

A mighty blow has been struck against the Knights of Lordaeron. One ouf Masters, Captain Dalian Benedict of the Lordaeron 7th Infantry has fallen to the blade of Ishsah Winterspear.

His death was swiftly avenged, and only seconds after striking Dalian down was Winterspear wounded and captured.

About the Knights

Knights of Lordaeron is a World of Warcraft guild on the Venture Co. realm. KoL is first and foremost a roleplaying guild. More ...

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